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Anastasia Parker is an extremely talented classical pianist who has been performing to audiences around the world throughout her life. She has become known and celebrated for her dynamic and engaging performances.


As well as creating a magical musical spectacle she has always introduced each piece with the tales and secrets behind the music and composers. Her refreshing, fun and captivating style led her to finding portholes in the contemporary music culture to take bold steps in reviving the classical music repertoire amongst new excited audiences. 

What is less known about Anastasia is her love of the ancient Mysteries. Having been a dedicated and life long student of spiritual and esoteric philosophy, her spiritual practise and journey as a musician have always been inextricably linked. It was music that provided her healing and hope in a childhood filled with trauma. 

Today she is publicly bringing these 2 worlds together. For the first time, she is opening the doors to the inner realms of her world, creating new dimensions of inspiration and wonder, as she shares her deep knowledge of mysticism, healing and music.  

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