Anastasia Parker is a London-born pianist who has a clear vision for classical music in the 21st century, and she’s on a mission.  Finding portholes in contemporary music culture to integrate classical music, she is determined to keep this incredible repertoire alive and replenish the classical music audience with a new generation.

Anastasia argues that classical music has become shrouded in a fog of elitism, exclusivity and inaccessibility. She is as far from the image most people would associate with classical music as it is possible to be. Her clothes and tattoos attest to that. But so, too, does the unapologetically passionate way in which she discusses what classical music means to her.


“I can play a piece a thousand, five thousand times and it will still, suddenly, bring me to tears.”


There is a zest about her that is infectious, and convinces you that she’s deadly serious in her determination to reboot the future of classical piano music. Performing pieces that are close to her heart, she introduces them by telling the stories behind them. It is a brilliantly effective technique to allow her audiences to learn about the extraordinary lives and adventures of composers. It is a world away from the way in which this music is traditionally packaged and presented.  She also isn’t shy to collaborate with other artists and musicians on her quest to deliver classical music in unexpected and exciting new ways, continuously adding new dimensions to the classical music performance stage.


Anastasia is determined to draw young people into a world that has meant, and continues to mean, everything to her


“I want my concerts to be fun, I want the audience to leave there buzzing – from the music, from a great performance, from new information, and with a smile on their faces. Because I have one on mine.”


Having had a very challenging childhood and journey so far in life, she has suffered for it but has also been transformed by it. This is music to start a thousand conversations, not to be preserved like a museum piece and she can’t wait to share it with you.